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Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

Google pay per click advertising is a powerful platform in digital marketing arena, we help organizations to create most effective PPC campaigns that provide adequate return on their investments and achieve their desired business goals. PPC campaigns are very effective in branding and reaching out to the millions of people. Expand media provides Google advertising ranging from limited budget to large scale PPC campaigns, advertising and management and optimization.

Branding, Selling, Leads, Conversions
What is Included

After conducting a thorough analysis about the business, market, objectives, products and services we design the appropriate campaigns that are most suited for the type of business, we make most out the campaigns while remaining well within the budget.

It is important to monitor the campaign time to time and make improvements that are necessary to achieve desired goals, we always keep monitoring the campaigns and their results whether they are achieving maximum results or needs improvement. Even if you are running the campaigns already on your own, we can help better monitoring and conversions.

We generate post campaign evaluation reports for the clients to see what they have achieved so far and how their performance and results can be improved. Campaign evaluation also includes the evaluation of existing campaigns and make appropriate suggestions.

Tell us your business, your market and your sales goals

We will run the goals oriented advertising campaign within your preferred budget

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